New Team

Welcome to PugCheck Teams!

This is PugCheck Teams! The goal of this site is to help raid leaders organize their teams.

All accounts, characters, and teams that were added prior to October 15th, 2018 have been removed for technical reasons. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The end goal is to track whether members have their gear is gemmed or enchanted, as well as azerite level and traits. Since this is the Alpha, the app currently allows users to create teams and add characters to them. The characters and their gear are pulled in from Blizzard's servers.

Upcoming Features

  • Gems
  • Interface improvements
  • Team groups (more info here)

Click here to see a list of current ideas and bugs that are being worked on.


If you have any feedback, such as suggestions or things being broken, don't hesitate to reach out! Please contact me on Discord (Krames#4203), (Krames#1425), or on Twitter (@krames12).